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Our "Easykiosk" interactive kiosks range

Discover our standard trade-specific kiosk solutions

Totem tactile-indoor_IPM France

Indoor totem

The large-screen touch totem to showcase your products and services
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Totem tactile-outdoor_IPM France

Outdoor totem

The large-screen totem designed for 100% outdoor installation
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Monnayeur automatique SelfPay-simple, autonome, connecté_IPM France
Change machine


The cash-payment kiosk that’s quick and easy to set up
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Borne EK 8000 version cash - borne interactive exterieur IPM France
EK 6000 & EK 8000 interactive kiosks

Outdoor interactive kiosks

Robust and fully-tested external touchscreen kiosks
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Interactive card vending kiosk-EK5000-IPM France
EK 5000 interactive kiosk

Interactive cards and badges vending kiosk

The most compact vending kiosk on the market
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Borne interactive multi services EK 4000-v3
EK 4000 interactive kiosk

Multi-service interactive kiosk

The adjustable kiosk which offers many services and peripheral devices
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Borne de téléconsultation-IPM France

Augmented teleconsultation interactive kiosks

The range of teleconsultation-dedicated touchscreen kiosks
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Borne de distribution de cartes tickets & billets EK3000-CVM
EK 3000-CVM, EK 3000-TVM, EK 3000-BVM kiosks

Interactive item vending kiosks

Robust and fully-tested box, ticket and card vending kiosks
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Borne de paiement-EK3000-IPM france
EK 3000 Interactive kiosk

Interactive payment kiosk

The simple and tested interactive payment kiosk
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Borne EK2000_accueil, information, gestion file attente-IPM France
EK 2000 interactive kiosk

Information kiosk

The tablet style information kiosk with tried and tested solidity
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Borne tactile de distribution de cartes_EK 1000-CVM IPM France
EK 1000-CVM interactive kiosk

Touchscreen card kiosks

An easy-to-use kiosk for distributing your services
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Identification kiosk-EK1000-IPM France
EK 1000 interactive kiosk

Touchscreen identification kiosk

The simple and effective identification kiosk
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