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Dashkiosk, the hypervision tool to access customer experience data for interactive kiosk assets

Measure the performance of your touch kiosk assets to improve service and optimize customer experience!

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Dashkiosk: the key to performance and profitability of your touch kiosk project


Once your touch kiosk assets are rolled-out, it is essential that you access supervision information on the activity and use of your kiosks. This data is essential for service improvement. It is also essential that you are aware of who uses your interactive kiosks and how.

Dashkiosk allows you to access the customer experience data for your touch kiosks.
Indeed, remotely using a simple web browser, you can monitor your interactive kiosk assets and access kiosk use data and technical and application statistics.

The Dashkiosk turnkey solution allows you to guarantee that your kiosk assets operate properly and to understand how users use them and their associated behaviours. Using this turnkey solution, you also have the possibility of managing kiosk activity and deciding on corrective action or improvements to be implemented on the customer experience.


Dashkiosk has multiple features:

  • Performance indicators
  • Asset status
  • Location
  • Monitoring
  • Statistics
  • Reporting



  • Turnkey solution
  • Remote control of the interactive kiosks
  • Time saving/responsiveness
  • Ergonomics
  • Ease of use