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Interactive touch kiosks for different markets

Borne skipass Les 2 Alpes
Les 2 Alpes

Digital ski pass purchase kiosks

Interactive kiosks that allow skiers to purchase, obtain and recharge ski passes.

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La Compagnie du Mont-Blanc

Ski pass recharge kiosks

Ski pass recharge kiosks installed at the foot of the slopes and in partner points of sale.

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borne santé CPage, accueil patient, IPM France

Admission kiosks

Interactive healthcare kiosk allows patients to avoid queues at the admissions desk, gives them some autonomy in their administrative process and allows them to pay remaining dues 

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Queue management kiosks

Touchscreen kiosks installed in health establishments or local authorities to organize the flow and reduce waiting time.

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Borne de paris sportifs fdj ipm france
La Française des Jeux

Gaming kiosks

Interactive kiosks installed in bar-tobacconist-newsagent premises that gamblers can use to make online sports bets instantly and on their own.

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Reception kiosk societe generale
Société Générale

Reception kiosks

Interactive kiosks installed in bank reception to ease customer reception and make traffic flow better.

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borne de paiement santé AGFA
Agfa Healthcare

Bill payment kiosks

Interactive kiosks giving patients access to their accounts in a few clicks, on their own and in complete security.

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SIM Card vending kiosk free

SIM card vending kiosks

Touch kiosks for subscriptions and distribution of SIM cards, installed in Free Centers and retail outlets.

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Borne tactile multi-services CNAM
French health insurance service agencies

Interactive multi-service kiosks

Interactive multi-service kiosks, installed in the reception areas of French health insurance service agencies, allow users to carry out basic formalities without assistance.

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Bill payment kiosk

Bill payment kiosks

Interactive kiosks allowing patients to pay due amounts, scan prescriptions, print results, and update social security cards.

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Interactive video-conferencing kiosks

A multimedia video-conferencing kiosk for use by citizens.  Over 500 kiosks installed in French public services: Pôle Emploi, CAF, CPAM, MSA, CCI…

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borne-interactive - consultation-impression-carte vitale
Intériale Mutuelle

Patient reception kiosks

Interactive kiosks allowing users to view their accounts and personal data, update their social security cards or even print documents such as insurance certificate

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Self-ordering kiosk sofibrie

Self-ordering kiosks

Using the interactive kiosks, customers can video-conference with warehouse staff remotely, and get the advice to complete their purchases.

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borne pointage arpege

Identification touch kiosks

Identification and clocking-in kiosks for nurseries and local authority family cards.

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borne tactile interactive information voyageur ratp

Outdoor touch kiosks

Passenger information touch kiosks installed in the Paris metro and outside.

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borne de pointage sigec

Identification touch kiosks

Identification and clocking-in kiosks for nurseries and local authority family cards.

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borne tactile interactive msa

Interactive self-service kiosks

Interactive self-service kiosks installed in MSA agencies: Information and update of the Carte Vitale (French social security card). 

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borne tactile interactive paiement carte bancaire sécurisée edf
EDF Bleu Ciel

Self-service interactive kiosks

100 self-service kiosks in EDF’s “Bleu Ciel” agencies allowing customers to access their account and purchase products.

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borne tactile Parc des Expositions Versailles
Parcs des Expositions porte de Versailles

Ticketing kiosks

Touch screen kiosks allowing to streamline visitor access and reducing queues.

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borne tactile billetterie ticketing marseille (3)
Ville de Marseille

Ticketing kiosks

Interactive ticketing kiosks to manage the flow of visitors, and reduce waiting time.

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borne de commande king jouet
King Jouet

Product line extension kiosks

40 product line extension kiosks to give the shoppers access to the full chain store catalogue and not just the products stocked by the store.

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borne tactile interactive distribution billet
Stade Roland Garros

Ticketing touch kiosks

Ticket dispensing touch kiosks (payment at the kiosk using a bank card) installed at the entrance to the stadium in partnership with AP2S.

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Dynamic View

Self-ordering kiosks

Interactive kiosk installed in the bakery so that customers can order their products on their own, in partnership with Dynamic View.

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Cora borne interactive

Interactive e-learning kiosks

30 interactive e-learning kiosks for store employees.

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borne tactile d'aide au choix
Carrefour- Hyper U - E.Leclerc

Selection assistance touch kiosks

Interactive selection kiosk installed on the selves of the automobile department to assist in selecting the appropriate product.

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bornes interactives musicales
Groupe Accor

Interactive musical kiosks

450 music playing touch kiosks (digital jukebox) installed in the hotels and restaurants.

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borne interactive tactile - aide choix - ipm france

Sommelier interactive kiosks

Interactive wine advice kiosks installed in Carrefour stores in partnership with Vinoreco.

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Interactive e-learning kiosks

40 interactive e-learning kiosks for store employees.

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HR and intranet interactive kiosks

Touch screens kiosks and intranet HR information for employees without computers

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