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Bill payment kiosk


Optimised patient reception using interactive kiosks

Multi-service interactive kiosk Wiis-IPM France
Multi-service interactive kiosks Wiis-IPM France
Bill payment kiosk
A complete interactive patient reception kiosk


WiiS promotes the use of information and communication technology for medical imaging. Its challenge is to offer radiologists an innovative technological offer that simplifies patient care.

To achieve this, IPM France and WiiS have developed a patient workflow solution: the Self Check-in Kiosk.

This patient reception kiosk gives the radiology services that adopt it a real advantage because:

  • It improves patient flow and care
  • It supports reception and automates certain administrative tasks provided by the secretariat (payment of the due amounts, digitisation, patient data management…)
  • Optimises working conditions by managing the flow
  • Increases quality and patient comfort using appropriate signage


These touch screen kiosks are used by patients to identify themselves to make an appointment, but also to pay due amounts using a secure payment terminal which is built into the kiosk, scan prescriptions, print results, read and/or update social security cards.

Care pathways are simplified and less time is spent waiting at counters. Administrative staff can then focus on more complex tasks.

  • Automation of simple services
  • Patient autonomy
  • Less waiting time at the counter
  • Simplification of meet and greet staff tasks