Application and middleware

Dedicated software developed by IPM France to ensure your touchscreen kiosk project is a success!

A kiosk-dedicated app and middleware for managing your fleet of interactive kiosks

Make your project a success thanks to dedicated, specially designed software: an optimised app for touchscreen kiosk use and middleware for managing the fleet of interactive kiosks!


Because a successful kiosk project is about more than simply choosing the right equipment, IPM France has harnessed its software expertise to provide your users with a dedicated, user-friendly kiosk app specially designed for the touchscreen kiosk and your range of services available on the kiosk.
What’s more, with the “SoftKiosk” middleware made by IPM France, it’s easy not only to host the app (whether your existing app or the one you entrust to IPM France) but also to manage your fleet of touchscreen kiosks effectively.


An efficient, serviceable and upgradable app, dedicated to touchscreen use, in a public place, for all sorts of users and tailored to your services!


A kiosk is a specific tool which is different from a PC or tablet at home. Moreover, it is used by different people in a public place, which means the app must be specially designed with that exact use in mind.
IPM France leverages its expertise to advise you about the ideal customer journey and produce your app. The teams at IPM France organise specific workshops for jointly building the app to ensure it is optimised and tailored to the services available on the kiosk.


The advantages of entrusting development of your app to IPM France are essential for making your kiosk project a success:

  • IPM France has a solid track record and expertise in kiosk projects. Our teams are fully proficient in the key aspects to take on board when defining an optimised app in keeping with your multi-channel strategy and organisation, and are well aware of the pitfalls to avoid to ensure a successful kiosk project.
  • Comprehensive project management: IPM France guarantees perfect compatibility between the app, middleware, your kiosk and its peripheral devices.
  • A single correspondent for your project: Your project has a single project manager:  IPM France. Instead of having to coordinate several stakeholders, this instead means you’ll be in direct contact with your IPM France project manager, who oversees the whole of your kiosk project and will ensure that it is a success.


“SoftKiosk” middleware designed specifically for interactive kiosks


Manage your touchscreen kiosk project effectively thanks to the dedicated middleware, made by IPM France! 
IPM France has developed the "SoftKiosk" middleware, a robust and effective solution essential for a successful interactive kiosk project. It makes it possible to:

  • Host the IPM France-developed business app or your existing app (web standard: HTML5, CSS3 and javascript) in a secure, dedicated browser
  • Develop the app easily thanks to the roll-out of intelligent, qualified services
  • Secure the kiosks (Windows 10 IoT and browser tailored to the kiosk environment)
  • Remotely update your business app (kiosk front) via “Dashkiosk
  • Manage and service the kiosks remotely via “Dashkiosk” in the field via a local app
  • Display the kiosk usage data on the PSIM tool “Dashkiosk


There is a host of advantages:

For the development of your app

  • A robust and effective solution to host your app
  • Time-saving in developing your app
  • Transparency in the event of a change in peripheral devices
  • Facilitated local hosting, in whole or in part, of your app (performance optimisation, bandwidth optimisation, architecture streamlining, etc.)
  • "Effortless" security of the kiosk and business app

SoftKiosk provides your business app with default HMI mechanisms that can also be customised to meet your guidelines: kiosk start screen, virtual keyboard, screen savers, etc.

For your operating team

  • Easier, remote updates
  • A local configuration interface for each kiosk
  • Technical and application supervision counters for real-time reporting of the service’s smooth operation