Advice and support

Close client support

IPM France is committed to the success of its clients' projects

Local support for successful and optimised kiosk projects!
Specialised in the management of major touch screen kiosk projects, the IPM France team puts its experience and energy at the service of its clients.

We advise and support our clients before the project but also during the project and throughout the kiosks’ service life.

We believe that exemplary business conduct is an essential condition for the success of a kiosk project. This is why, for each client contract, we create a specific project team, led by a contract engineer.

This team is composed of managers for hardware products, software, validation but also industrialisation/methods, procurement, production and client service. The applied methodology is rigorous and proven. It includes:

  • workshops: scope definition workshops before the project,
  • a Quality Assurance Plan,
  • steering Committees including risk analysis,
  • progress and client validation reviews at each stage of the project: prototype, pilot and industrial deployment.


We also support our customers during the deployment phase, which is a critical phase in the success of a kiosk project: pre-visits, installation, commissioning.

Then IPM France, which is the guarantor of the success of the project, advises its clients throughout the kiosks’ service life: kiosk maintenance, changes to the client strategy, hardware and software upgrades, team training ...

Global support that you need to make your kiosk project a reality and a success!

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