Why choose us ?

Because our priority is the success of your interactive kiosk project...

Here are at least 3 good reasons for choosing us ... !

Our expertise is at your service!

We don’t produce interactive kiosks by chance or by opportunism! We are experts in kiosk solutions and consecrate all our energy to the progress of these interactive services! 

  • Over 25 years of experience in telecommunications and terminals for all audiences in public spaces!
  • A controlled value chain
  • French production
  • Experience in large-scale projects for major accounts

Accompaniment near you

Because we are a human-sized business, with sharing and commitment values, your project is our project too. Therefore the creation of a close relationship, your satisfaction and the success of your project are our priorities!

  • A human-sized business
  • A specific team for your project
  • Your project is also our project

Turnkey partnership solutions

Because the implementation of a touch kiosk solution cannot be improvised and is complex, IPM France guarantees its success by mastering the entire project with its partners.

  • Project management of the touch kiosk solution
  • Design, production, integration, tests
  • An eco-system of expert partners