Field Services

Field services tailored to client needs

A complete service offer to sustain and upgrade touch screen kiosk assets

Sustain and upgrade touch screen kiosks

IPM France offers a complete range of services to maintain, sustain and upgrade its clients’ kiosks in France and elsewhere.

Our client service provides contract governance and relies on our partners to carry out work in the field. These are specialised, quality partners selected by us to carry out the pre-visit, delivery, installation and maintenance operations. These services are provided by qualified technical specialists.

Our services:

  • Flexible and adaptable deployment: pre-visit, delivery and installation, fixing, commissioning
  • Kiosk asset management
  • Kiosk monitoring
  • Client support: specific hotline, on-site maintenance, repairs, logistics
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Warranty, warranty extension, maintenance packs
  • Quality of service statistics reports
  • DashKiosk portal, use tracking data
  • Training