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Usage tracking data

Usage tracking data and behavioural data for DASHKIOSK touchscreen kiosks

Supervise activities and improve the services offered by interactive kiosks

The key to performance and profitability of your touchscreen terminal project


The key to performance and profitability of your touchscreen kiosk project

Once your fleet of touchscreen kiosks is rolled-out, it is essential that you access supervision information for activities and use of the kiosks. This data is essential for service improvement. It is also essential that you are aware of who uses your interactive kiosks and their behaviour

IPM France collects client data for you from your interactive kiosks On the one hand, a dashboard enables daily supervision, in real-time, of your fleet of kiosks. On the other, a statistical platform allows for consolidation of technical events affecting peripheral devices on kiosks, with events related to business. 


The Dashkiosk collects data concerning:

  • kiosk activities
  • use of services offered
  • user behaviour


Our Dashkiosk service presents you, in real-time, in a synthetic and ergonomic manner with fundamental information such as:

  • pages consulted
  • number of users
  • average number of orders
  • accumulated turnover during a period
  • system status and availability
  • incident ticket statistics
  • kiosk localisation