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Advice kiosk

Auchan, Bricomarché, Carrefour, Feu Vert, Hyper U

A fast and simplified product selection assistance service

borne tactile interactive de conseils
An interactive kiosk to find the item you need


Over 2000 interactive kiosks have been installed in the “car parts” departments of the following French superstores and specialised stores: Carrefour, Hyper U, Feu Vert, BricoMarché and Auchan.

Installed in the aisle itself, in the middle of the products, the interactive advice kiosks give customers information about the items they need. In a few clicks, customers enter their selection criteria (type of vehicle, year, model) and the kiosk proposes the items corresponding to their needs. The minimum space requirements for these small kiosks are a perfect fit for shelves. They are available with 12 or 15 inch screens for comfortable reading.

  • Customer autonomy
  • Lost sales avoided
  • A tool to assist salespeople