SNCF (French Railway Company) - RATP (Paris Public Transport Company)

Passenger information touch kiosks

Inform passengers on their transit points

borne tactile interactive information voyageur sncf
borne tactile interactive information voyageur ratp

A specialist in rugged kiosk solutions for public places, IPM France has created traveler information kiosks for France’s main transport operators such as the SNCF and the RATP.

RATP “Urbam” interactive kiosks: 75 outdoor touch kiosks installed on subway platforms and outdoors near bus shelters. They inform users in terms of their trips, routes, nearby services, etc.

SNCF multimodal interactive kiosks: 40 multimodal information kiosks whose objective is to provide users with itineraries that offer different means of transport (bus, subway, bike, etc.)

  • Easy to use kiosks
  • Robust kiosks
  • Kiosks designed for the outdoors