Touch-screen kiosk solution for transport and mobility

Streamlining traveller administrative procedures thanks to interactive kiosks designed for transport and mobility markets

Interactive touch-screen kiosks as a solution to digitisation needs
in transport and mobility markets.

Digitisation has not left the public transport and mobility industry untouched. In fact, by making available information kiosks and ticket booths to travellers, it has been among the pioneering sectors of digitisation for many years. As a result, the industry’s users are accustomed to using touch-screen kiosks in their daily travels. Modern interactive kiosks offer a varied and complementary range of services to customers in addition to other tools currently in use, such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. They provide instant and simplified access along every traveller’s journey. The applications and equipment offered by these kiosks provide many services: checking and calculating itineraries, viewing real-time traffic information, printing timetables, passing time while waiting for transport, purchasing travel ticketspaying parkingpurchasing passes, paying fines, etc. Intranet kiosks are also a crucial tool for employees without computer access (drivers, technicians, etc.). Thanks to a dedicated application, they can check and modify their agendas, view the company’s intranet, request time off, and more. Touch-screen kiosks also provide access to additional services along travellers’ journeys, including those offered by partner businesses rather than by operators themselves, such as local points of sale (restaurants, shops, etc.) or e-commerce and pureplayer sites looking to benefit from physical points of sale such as kiosks.

Touch-screen kiosks provide many advantages in terms of transport and mobility: For customers: Different sales channels, 24/7 service access, purchasing autonomy, improving access to information and services, saving time, and more. For transport service operators: Developing customer relations by freeing up agents for hospitality services, diversifying service offers by providing complementary services, increasing pass holders and total revenue, reducing fraud, improving customer satisfaction, facilitating and bolstering customers’ access to their rights, and more.

IPM France helps you define and develop your project by installing and commissioning a fleet of turnkey interactive kiosks in your shops and points of sale to satisfy user needs and help them with their needs. IPM France guides you throughout the lifecycle of your fleet, supervising, maintaining and providing access to technical data and various kiosk functions.

Bornes interactives de distribution de cartes, tickets et billets-IPM France

Ticketing kiosk

Providing travellers with more independence thanks to interactive ticketing kiosks.

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Borne d'abonnement transport Velib

Interactive transport pass kiosk

Streamlining traveller itineraries thanks to interactive transport pass kiosks.

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borne tactile interactive information voyageur ratp

Information kiosk

Inform travellers using outdoor information kiosks.

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