EK 1000 interactive kiosk

Touchscreen identification kiosk

The simple and effective identification kiosk

Borne tactile de pointage et identification-EK1000-IPM France
Borne pointage et identification-EK1000-IPM France
Borne interactive pointage-identification-EK1000-IPM France


The EK 1000 touchscreen identification kiosk is the most compact in the IPM France range. This touchscreen kiosk dedicated to stamping and identification offers uses quick access to their desired service (canteen registration, time approval)

It is accessible for people with reduced mobility so as to be used by anyone.


Technical specifications

  • 7″ screen – Projective capacity touchscreen PCAP
  • Contactless card reader or barcode reader
  • Wide range of options: SIM card reader, magnetic stripe card reader
  • Wall or stand support
  • Accessible by people with reduced mobility


Examples of services

  • Crèche, school, canteen identification
  • Everyday cards
  • Stamping
  • Traceability
  • Information
  • NFC
  • Permanent free-to-access services
  • Autonomy and satisfaction for users
  • Effective and reliable stamping
  • Streamlining administrative formalities
  • Fluid queues
  • Development and improvement of user relations
  • Interactive and small interactive terminal