EK 3000-CVM, EK 3000-TVM, EK 3000-BVM kiosks

Interactive item vending kiosks

Robust and fully-tested box, ticket and card vending kiosks

Borne distribution-carte, ticket, billets-EK3000CVM
Borne distribution carte, ticket, billets-EK3000CVM
Develop new distribution channels by installing touchscreen kiosks in partner points of sale!


IPM France’s EK 3000 interactive kiosks can be used to buy and issue a card, ticket or item, quickly and securely. These robust and fully-tested kiosks are free-standing to suit any public place. The Full HD screen of the EK 3000 kiosks tilts for ergonomic use and privacy.

Customise the front of EK 3000 kiosks to match your branding and use the double dynamic display screen for advertising!

These touchscreen kiosks are accessible for people with reduced mobility so that they can be used by anyone.


Robust kiosks dedicated to the distribution of your services


Kiosk features and options

  • 22″ screen – Projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen
  • Card, pass or ticket machine
  • Bank card payment terminal including contactless option
  • Thermal printer (60mm)
  • Scanner for B7 format identity documents
  • Cash payment column (coins and notes)
  • RFID/NFC reader
  • Webcam and microphone
  • EasyProtect antibacterial gel dispenser


Technical specifications


Examples of services

  • Reception and guidance
  • Card, pass or ticket purchases
  • Orders and purchases
  • Customer loyalty
  • Freely accessible services round-the-clock
  • User independence and satisfaction
  • Queues are streamlined
  • Relieves activity at counters or front office
  • Secure payments
  • Innovative image and visually appealing service