EK 4000 interactive kiosk

Multi-service interactive kiosk

The adjustable kiosk which offers many services and peripheral devices

Borne interactive tactile multi services EK 4000-v3
Borne interactive-multi services EK 4000-v3

The EK 4000 interactive kiosk is trendy, welcoming and customisable and is a kiosk fully focused on hosting and advising clients. The multi-service kiosk is the most adjustable in the range. With its many peripheral options, it offers users a host of services.

It is accessible for people with reduced mobility so as to be used by anyone.


Technical specifications

  • 24″ widescreen – Protective capacity touchscreen (PCAP)
  • A totally customisable façade
  • A wide range of options: identification peripherals, A4 printer, videoconference kit, secure payment via an inbuilt bank card kiosk
  • Accessible by people with reduced mobility


Examples of services

  • Extensive offer
  • Assists purchases and sales
  • Order, purchase and pay using a bank card
  • Article information
  • Scan and print
  • Client advice by videoconference
  • Permanent free-to-access services
  • Autonomy and satisfaction for users
  • Reduces queue times
  • Attractive service and innovative image