EK 5000 interactive kiosk

Interactive cards and badges vending kiosk

The most compact vending kiosk on the market

touchscreen vending cards kiosk-EK5000-IPM France
Vending cards-kiosk-EK5000-IPM France
Interactive vending cards kiosk-EK5000-IPM France

The IPM France EK 5000 interactive kiosks allow people to recharge and buy a card or badge in just a few clicks at a point of sale. It is accessible for people with reduced mobility so as to be used by anyone.

Technical specifications

  • 22″ screen – Projective capacity touchscreen PCAP
  • A wide range of options: Plastic cards/badges dispenser, payment kit APT (credit card terminal and contact-less reader), thermal printer (60 mm), presence detector, passport and identity card scan (B7), contact-less card reader RFID/NFC, barcode reader 1D/2D, webcam, microphone, privacy filter, buglar alarm, bluetooth, WiFi.
  • Customisation: Front and panel with RGB backlighting, frame, floor mat
  • Accessible by people with reduced mobility


Examples of services

  • Reception and orientation
  • Purchase and cards & badges reload
  • Order and purchase
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer advice by videoconference
  • Permanent free-to-access services
  • Autonomy and satisfaction for users
  • Fluid queues
  • Reduces queues and affluence at purchase points
  • Secure payment
  • Attractive service and innovative image