EK 1000-CVM interactive kiosk

Touchscreen card kiosks

An easy-to-use kiosk for distributing your services

EK 1000 CVM kiosk
Streamline your queues and automate simple services!


Customers can pick up online orders and purchases at point of sale with IPM France’s EK 1000-CVM interactive kiosk. 

Users pay for their order online, then, to quickly collect their keycards, simply scan their order confirmation QR code at the EK 1000-CVM touchscreen card kiosk. This is available as an indoor (stand-mounted or compact) or outdoor (stand-mounted) version. This solution meets the growing demand for click and collect services for online orders. This touchscreen card kiosk is very compact and lightweight. It’s easy to install and move around in points of sale. The kiosk has a capacity of 500 keycards. The front of the terminal is fully customisable.

IPM France’s touchscreen kiosks are accessible to all, including mobility-impaired users.


An easy-to-use kiosk for distributing your services


Kiosk features and options

  • 7″ screen – Projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen
  • RFID plastic card/pass dispenser
  • 1D/2D barcode reader


Technical specifications


Examples of services

  • Reception and guidance
  • Order/purchase collection for cards and passes
  • Customer loyalty
  • Self-access and continuous services
  • Autonomy and customer satisfaction
  • Streamlining queues
  • Attractive service and innovative image