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Provide your customers with non-stop, self-service access to your services thanks to the ski pass kiosks

The interactive kiosks for enhancing skiers’ experience!

IPM France offers ski resorts a comprehensive range of ski pass kiosks for purchasing, topping up and collecting keycards to streamline queues and enhance skiers’ experience. Available on a self-service basis, these easy-to-use interactive kiosks enable resort customers to obtain their ski passes quickly and securely. 


Provide your customers with non-stop, self-service access to your services thanks to our range of ski pass kiosks
Ski pass interactive kiosks IPM France


Discover our range of ski pass kiosks and choose the models that meet your needs: 

  • EK 1000-CVM
    The interactive kiosk EK 1000-CVM allows users, who have ordered online, to collect their keycard by scanning their order confirmation QR code at the kiosk. This touchscreen card kiosk is very compact, standalone and lightweight. It’s easy to install and move around in points of sale. 

  • EK 2000
    Equipped with a RFID reader and payment terminal, the EK 2000 kiosk allows users to top up their ski pass in just a few clicks. This free-standing kiosk is available with a 15- or 22-inch screen.

  • EK 3000-CVM
    The touchscreen kiosk EK 3000-CVM can be used to purchase, top up and collect ski passes. This robust, free-standing kiosk has been fully tested for use in any public place. 

  • EK 5000
    The touchscreen kiosk EK 5000 has been designed for the purchase, topping up and collection of ski passes. Its highly compact, wall-mounted design means it can be easily installed in points of sale.

  • EK 8000
    The interactive kiosk EK 8000 has been designed for full outdoor use. Customers can use this complete and robust kiosk to purchase, top up and collect ski passes. 


To find out more about our dedicated kiosks for ski resorts,
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They trust us for the 2023 winter season!
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