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The Cahors hospital inaugurates the first Agfa HealthCare patient reception kiosk

A stand-alone and complete interactive kiosk at the service of patients!
The AGFA Healthcare patient kiosk at the Cahors Hospital Centre!

With up to 300 consultations a day and 130,000 a year, making patient reception more fluid is a priority for the Cahors Hospital Centre management. To do this, the hospital is improving the reception of its patients by installing the first Agfa HealthCare patient reception kiosk in its entrance lobby!

No more waiting at the admissions desk to notify of your arrival. Now, you just have to register directly on the kiosk, entering your IPP number or by scanning the bar code on your appointment letter or using your social security card. Compact, with a 24-inch touch screen, the interface of this made by IPM France touch kiosk is ergonomic and intuitive. Patients can easily print admission procedure documents for the establishment (the adhesive labels and routing form). To find your way around, it can also print a map of the hospital. This patient reception solution also allows to read and update social security cards.

The services provided by the patient reception kiosk also extend to visitors who can locate a patient in the establishment, if the patient has given their consent. Finally, the paramedics are satisfied: they can directly print the documents to support their services on the kiosk (situation reports, transport vouchers) without needing the admissions office.

Mme Drouhin, Acting Director of the Hospital Centre, Chairwoman of the Executive Board, welcomes the win-win partnership with Agfa. She says that: "In the touch screen era, I'm happy to bring modernity into a rural and even ageing region and thus give admissions staff more time. Vincent Goutines, IT Manager, adds: "I feel I'm fulfilling my public hospital service mission by working on this project. We take care of the users as soon as they arrive. "

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Agfa Healthcare's "Hexagon Web" software solution

Teams from the Cahors Hospital Centre and those from Agfa HealthCare Research and Development worked closely together to optimise the Kiosk features. Agfa HealthCare now offers it to all its customers who have Hexagone Web, its hospital management software solution. Fully integrated with Hexagone web, without exchange flows, without interoperability, with direct access, it is easily adaptable in the field. Furthermore, the updates synchronise automatically with each new version of Hexagone web. 

The touch kiosk is also capable of housing other applications, such as the distribution of queue tickets, patient satisfaction surveys, etc. The interactivity of this reception kiosk suggests new opportunities for the future with the goal of simplifying formalities. In a very short time, patients will be able to pay their dues using the Kiosk.

"Simplifying the lives of those who care for patients Agfa HealthCare's creed has very concrete application in the Kiosk.

To learn more, read the article published in the hospital oriented information systems magazine, DSIH health: "The Cahors Hospital Centre inaugurates the first Agfa HealthCare reception kiosk".

Agfa HealthCare at the HIT 2019 trade show

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