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IPM France, rare supplier of kiosks approved by the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires

The Economic Interest Group which defines the operating procedures for the CB card payment scheme
IPM France's interactive kiosks are approved by the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires!


In order to operate interactive kiosks offering a payment or rental service using a bank card that meets the functional and security requirements imposed by the Carte Bancaire scheme, kiosk manufacturers must receive approval from the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires (GIE CB).

This is an “Integration Operating Agreement”. This agreement is issued following analysis by the GIE CB of a test laboratory report and subject to obtaining a CB-AFAS security certificate issued by the PayCert certification body.

IPM France, a specialist in interactive kiosks, is one of the few manufacturers of interactive payment and rental kiosks approved by GIE CB. Following tests carried out by the specialised laboratory Elitt, GIE CB confirmed that they meet the rigorous requirements of the Carte Bancaire scheme.

This is a guarantee for IPM France's customers that their payment or rental service on kiosks is perfectly functional and secure in order to avoid fraud.

“CB approval is the assurance that the payment products and services offered by banks and manufacturers meet the functional and security requirements imposed by the CB scheme.As part of the CB accreditation process, products and services are subjected to laboratory tests and if they pass, they enjoy the guarantee conferred by CB accreditation for the duration of the life cycle of the product or service in question. Why the duration of the product life cycle? Quite simply because payment must constantly incorporate technological developments that can make it easier to use, as well as new security features to counter fraud. ”

List of manufacturers approved by GIE CB, available on the GIE CB website
List of AFAS certificates issued by PayCert

For more information on secure and accredited payment kiosks, do not hesitate to contact the IPM France team!

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