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New object distribution kiosk: EK 3000-BVM

Offer your users a Covid-19 protection kit!

Using a mask in public places and disinfecting your hands regularly with antibacterial gel are the new habits we need to adopt which penalise us for forgetting. To allow your users to access your branch or point of sale in all circumstances, install a Covid-19 protection kit distribution kiosk! Consisting of a surgical mask and a bottle of antibacterial gel, this kit offers your users optimal protection for the day. 

kit de distribution covid-19

New object distribution kiosk, EK 3000-BVM!
  • Distribution of objects
  • Secure payment by credit card and/or cash
  • Printing tickets
  • The kiosk is 100% customisable to match your branding
  • Rapid deployment of the kiosk fleet

EK3000-BVM-kit protection covid

The interactive kiosk that adapts to your needs!

Do you want to give your users the opportunity to access your services (samples, motorway badges, goodies, etc.) quickly and independently? Install the EK 3000-BVM kiosk in your branch, point of sale or in public places!

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