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Topping up and distributing electronic toll collection badges

Increase your visibility and turnover thanks to interactive kiosks!
Streamline your customers' administrative procedures with interactive kiosks!

Get new customers, multiply sales channels, streamline customers' administrative procedures, follow inventory and statistics in real time, and avoid theft thanks to intelligent and secure storage. These are the issues that interactive badge distribution and toll collection kiosks can resolve!

Set up at motorway service area points of sale, these interactive kiosks allow motorway company customers to instantly and autonomously top up and withdraw their pre-activated and ready-to-use badges. 


Discover our interactive electronic toll collection badge distribution terminal!

The EK 3000-BVM interactive terminal made by IPM France distributes cardboard boxes in which electronic toll badges are inserted. The touch-screen terminal has the following functions: box distribution; secure payment by bank card or cash (coins and notes); bar code, QR code and NFC tag scanning; identity document authentication (KYC); videoconferencing. 

IPM France's interactive kiosks are specifically designed for intensive use in a public indoor or outdoor setting. They are rugged and anti-vandalism guaranteed.

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