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The “Le Devoluy” resort is the latest one to equip itself with ski pass purchase and recharge kiosks!

Le Devoluy installs ski pass purchase and recharge kiosks in its resort!

For the 2015-2016 ski season, the Le Devoluy resort has equipped itself with ski pass purchase and recharge kiosks!

Installed in the resort's shopping mall - right across from the Sherpa supermarket - two types of touch kiosks are featured:

  • two kiosks that issue and recharge ski passes
  • one kiosk - that hardly requires any space - is solely dedicated to the recharging of passes (for skiers who already have one).

These touch kiosks allow skiers to obtain, recharge and pay for their ski passes right at the kiosk, in just a few seconds. Payment is made securely thanks to the kiosk's integrated payment terminal.

As a result, the installation of these 3 interactive kiosks provides the resort with an additional ski pass sales channel,  it reduces the time spent in queues at traditional counters and it favours customer satisfaction.

An ongoing partnership with e-Liberty, an expert in the online sale of ski passes, enables IPM France to equip Le Devoluy; the ski resort therefore joins the ranks of those resorts who've equipped themselves with touch kiosks for the purchase and recharge of ski passes.

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