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Is it possible to use an interactive kiosk without touching it?

Discover IPM France’s innovation: contactless kiosks!
Innovation: contactless interactive kiosks!

As a combined interface for accessing and reporting information, the touchscreen has established itself in recent decades as the preferred interaction device for digital technology in smartphones, tablets, interactive kiosks, etc.

Since the Covid-19 health crisis, many questions have arisen about the use of these touchscreen devices. WHO explains “that there are no specific data on cases of Covid-19 occurring following contact with a surface contaminated by droplets projected by the coughing, sneezing and speaking of an infected person”. Lindsay Marr, airborne virus transmission expert at Virginia Tech University, confirms that “we know that the virus can survive on surfaces, but the question is whether a person can pick them up with their hands and then contaminate their respiratory tract. [...] It would take a large amount of virus to cause an infection” (source FuturaSanté).

Even if surfaces are not a major way of spreading viruses, IPM France is innovating and offering a new solution to meet the challenge of a contactless interface in response to the current health situation: the contactless screen!

Integrating a contactless screen into your interactive kiosks will first of all reassure and protect your users in their purchasing process. Just as efficient, ergonomic and compact as a conventional touchscreen, your users can access your services easily and independently. Combine contactless screens and contactless credit card payments on your interactive kiosks for a 100% contactless experience!

Would you like to know more about our contactless screens? Would you like support in adapting your application for contactless use? Contact the IPM France team!

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