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IPM France shortlisted for the 2021 Enterprise Trophies

For our interactive teleconsultation kiosk solution

IPM France shortlisted for the Valence Romans Agglo 2021 Enterprise Trophies


Organised by Valence Romans Agglo and numerous partners, the Enterprise Trophies reward innovations and remarkable approaches undertaken by companies based in the Valence Romans region.

Companies can compete in four categories: The Eureka Trophy (technique and technology in the spotlight), the Talent in Motion Trophy (the men and women at the heart of your organisation), the Green, White and Blue Trophy (where economy rhymes with ecology) and the Digital Trophy (all new technologies supporting brand perception). 

IPM France has been shortlisted for the Enterprise Trophies for our new range of interactive teleconsultation kiosks, in the "Digital Trophy" category.

IPM France’s interactive teleconsultation kiosks help fight against medical deserts by promoting ongoing and improved access to primary health care facilities for all patients. Installed in local sites, these secure and robust touchscreen kiosks offer remote consultations between a medical professional and a patient. They measure vital signs through integrated connected medical devices. The doctors’ diagnosis is therefore more precise and relevant than in a traditional teleconsultation carried out through a smartphone, tablet or computer. The kiosks also address the issue of digital inclusion by compensating for those members of the population who do not have the required equipment or an internet connection at home.

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