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IPM France among the winners of the 2021 Enterprise Trophies

Thanks to its innovative teleconsultation kiosk solution!
IPM France’s teleconsultation kiosks in the spotlight

IPM France is one of the winners of the 10th Valence Romans Agglo Enterprise Trophies thanks to its innovative augmented teleconsultation kiosk solution. 

The interactive teleconsultation kiosks made by IPM France: 

  • promote digital inclusion by enabling all citizens to autonomously access digital services;
  • help to address the problems of healthcare deserts and inaccessibility to treatment for some categories of the population.


Thanks to these kiosks, which are connected to a platform of doctors, remote consultations can be held between medical professionals and patients and vital signs measured through the integrated connected medical devices (stethoscope, otoscope, pulse oximeter, thermometer, blood pressure monitor, etc.). The doctors’ diagnosis is therefore more precise and relevant than in a traditional teleconsultation carried out through a smartphone, tablet or computer. These secure and robust kiosks are installed in trusted community centres (multidisciplinary healthcare centres, centres for health and social care, nursing homes, local authorities, private businesses, chemists, etc.).


Discover our teleconsultation kiosk solution in video!

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