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Interactive kiosks vs. smartphones: what to choose?

Learn more about the complementarity of touchscreen kiosks and mobiles
Not choosing is a choice!

Opposing or pitting kiosks and mobiles against each other doesn’t make sense, in fact, it’s quite the opposite! Indeed, it's fair to say that their respective benefits mean they complement each other perfectly. The public and in situ use of a kiosk coupled with the personal and mobile use of a smartphone is a genuinely complementary combination that brands would be wrong not to make the most of. A kiosk is also an excellent way of encouraging customers to go out and use their mobiles. There are incredible possibilities for interactions between the two devices.

Interactive kiosks complement smartphones; they provide users with services that would not be accessible from a mobile. Indeed, the technological integration possibilities in a touchscreen kiosk are numerous and less limited than on a mobile phone (NFC, RFID, etc.). For example, they provide real access to certain services, such as complete catalogues, additional information, advice, selection guides and self-service purchases.

Some examples of kiosk and mobile compatibility

  • Queue management: If the customer has made an appointment on their mobile in advance, they can report their presence on the kiosk once they arrive at the point of sale. An agent is then directly informed of their presence. If they have not made an appointment, when they arrive at a point of sale or branch, the customer goes to the interactive kiosk and is issued a ticket. Thanks to the QR code printed on the ticket, the customer can check their position in the queue in real time on their mobile.
  • Click & Collect: As physical devices installed at points of sale with a secure bank card payment terminal, e-shopping touchscreen kiosks allow customers to finalise orders made online.


IPM France offers you complete and robust interactive terminals, 100% complementary with the smartphone!


Source : tactiz website.

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