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Why are interactive kiosks essential for your customer journey?

Facilitate the purchase and withdrawal of SIM cards thanks to the interactive kisosk!

As a telecom operator, you are faced with critical problems. Interactive kiosks are the solution. They’ll provide you with new sales channels, give your customers autonomous access to your services, reduce waiting time in your stores to improve the customer experience, and support counter staff. 
Installed outside or in an alternative outlet, thanks to interactive kiosks, you’ll continue to provide your services when your own outlets are closed.


Specialised interactive kiosk solution for mobile operators!

IPM France's kiosk solution allows customers to sign up for a phone or internet plan, buy a SIM card immediately, top up their account or send credit to someone abroad.
Security is a high priority. IPM France installs their interactive kiosks with the completely automated Know Your Customer (KYC) solution. Customers can have complete confidence in the identification processes, even with no human interaction.


We have an interactive kiosk to suit you!

EK5000 interactive kiosk 

  • The most compact interactive kiosk on the market for card distribution
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) facial recognition system
  • Payment by card and/or mobile phone
  • Personalised configuration: wall-mounted, on a table, back-to-back, etc. 
  • Completely personalised to reflect your image
  • Rapid fleet installation


Borne EK5000 IPM France

EK3000 interactive kiosk 

  • The highest capacity in the world for SIM-card distribution 
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) facial recognition system.
  • Payment in cash (notes and coins) or by card and/or mobile phone
  • Free-standing kiosk for intensive use in public places
  • Rapid fleet installation

Borne EK3000-distribution de cartes sim paiement carte bancaire, mobile et especes

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