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How to prevent the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreading on interactive kiosks?

IPM France recommendations

Given health concerns generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, interactive kiosks are preventive measures that limit interaction between your customers, users and staff. Kiosk surfaces are, however, touched by multiple people within short periods of time. Like any other surface used by the public such as door handles, bannisters and self-service items, the virus can be left on the kiosk.

An interactive kiosk is made with several materials: glass, plastic (housing) and steel. Current information confirms that the virus can persist for approximately 3 to 5 days on steel, 2 to 6 days on plastic, up to 5 days on glass, and 1 day on paper (source : Infographie Le Monde / Marianne Boyer).


What are IPM France's recommended solutions?


Prevention is the most effective way to limit possible contamination by kiosks. Constantly reminding customers, users and staff of essential preventative measures is therefore vital. IPM France's recommendations are as follows:

  • Cleaning is the optimal solution
    − Ensure users’ hands are clean before and after using the kiosk. We recommend providing disinfectant wipes and/or antibacterial gel near kiosks for before and after use. IPM France can provide you with these accessories.
    − Cleaning the kiosk: clean the outside of the kiosk (screen, sheet metal, casing, PIN pad, printer output) with disinfectant wipes at least every 4 hours. Wipes may leave small fibres on the screen or kiosk but this does not affect operation.
  • Follow procedures for restocking consumables
    The person restocking the kiosk with consumables such as paper rolls, tickets or A4 paper must wear gloves and a mask. When possible, consumables are restocked so that remaining stock is distributed first. When restocking is carried out by IPM France or one of our third-party suppliers, the procedures recommended by the government and the Ministry for Health are applied.
  • Inform customers/users
    IPM France recommends displaying messages about preventative measures adapted to your customers (or users) in accordance with the context and your choice of prevention. This is possible via screensavers and signs displayed near kiosks.
  • IPM France's touchscreen kiosks can be used with latex gloves or stylus-type solutions.


How to optimise your kiosk application to limit contact?


Designing your screens to reduce confirmation requests is an effective way to limit user interaction with the kiosk. Another way is the new contactless payment solution limited to €50 which has been available on our kiosks since 11 May 2020. Finally, consider sending electronic receipts by email using the new CB5.5 version. If your application creates documents, we recommend sending an email rather than printing when it is legally possible.


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