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EK 3000 & EK 5000 interactive kiosks

Interactive card and ticket vending kiosks

Compact and tested vending kiosks

Interactive ticket vending kiosk -Aeroport de Lyon-flixbus-ouibus-IPM France
Interactive card vending kiosk -Saint Gervais-IPM France
Interactive ticket vending kiosk Rhonexpress-IPM France

The IPM France EK 3000 and EK 5000 digital kiosks allow people to buy and issue a card or ticket in just a few clicks, in a variety of domains such as transportation, telecommunications and tourism.

It is accessible for people with reduced mobility so as to be used by anyone.

Technical specifications

EK 3000 interactive vending kiosk:

  • 19″ widescreen – Projective capacitive touchscreen PCAP
  • Wide choice of options: 60 or 80 mm ticket printing, bank card reader, contactless reader, barcode reader, blinking switch, videoconference kit, dynamic retail outlet (high screen kiosk)
  • Customisable façade with covering
  • Accessible by people with reduced mobility


EK 5000 interactive vending kiosk:

  • 22″ screen – Projective capacity touchscreen PCAP
  • A wide range of options: Wifi/bluetooth, 60 or 80 mm printer, card distributor, barcode reader, RFID reader, identity document scanner, videophone
  • Façade, support, retail outlet, and customisable flooring
  • Accessible by people with reduced mobility


Examples of services

  • Purchase and issue of cards and tickets
  • Recharging cards and badges
  • User identity verification
  • Secure bank card payment at the kiosk


  • Permanent free-to-access services
  • Autonomy and satisfaction for users
  • Fluid queues
  • Reduces queues and affluence at purchase points
  • Secure payment
  • Attractive service and innovative image