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What will tomorrow’s hospital look like? – Europe 1

Interview with Guy Daumas, Chairman of IPM France
Reorganising hospitals after the Covid19 crisis


Led by Raphaëlle Duchemin, Europe 1’s "France moves" programme covers innovative initiatives in France, meeting companies that commit to inventing our future world.

The programme on 25 May 2020 focused on "the hospital of the future". Guy Daumas, Chairman of IPM France was the guest of the programme. He explained how interactive patient admission kiosks will support hospitals in the future, making hospitals more connected to optimise patient flow.

Podcast "La France bouge" 25th may 2020 - Europe 1


Kiosks are a genuine preventive measure that limit interaction between people and make services available to patients even when reception is closed.

Interactive kiosks benefit patients, reception staff and doctors. Firstly, patients are completely autonomous to register as soon as they arrive at the hospital and have less waiting time in admissions. Secondly, 30-40% of patients use touchscreens in hospitals where they are already available, relieving stress and time for reception staff to be able to handle more complex cases. Finally, because the patient pathway is smoother, doctors’ timetables are not disrupted, reducing late appointments.

To prevent Covid19 patients from touching kiosks and contaminating following users, IPM France has developed kiosks that dispense antibacterial gel. IPM France has developed antibacterial gel dispensers that their customers can add to existing kiosks, as well as stand-alone dispensers.

The introduction of interactive kiosks has a concrete impact on the number of hospital admissions. Hospitals can accommodate more patients because the patient pathway is smoother and quicker. For example, IPM France has installed kiosks in a cancer centre in Marseille, where 300 to 400 patients use them for admissions every day. Kiosks also make it easier for the cancer centre to manage problems such as missed appointments, people waiting in reception and treatment centres with low activity. These issues have been resolved since the kiosks have been installed.

In addition to patient admission kiosks, IPM France is working on remote consultation kiosks to reduce the number of patients in emergency services by screening needs in advance. A high percentage of patients that go to emergency services are not actually in danger and therefore require different care.

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