Local authorities

Interactive kiosk solutions for local authorities

Improving services provided to users and citizen relations thanks to touch-screen kiosk solutions designed for local authorities.

Interactive kiosks to satisfy the local authorities' digitisation needs

For several years, local authorities have been committed to a process of digital transformation to improve their service quality. Implemented in local authorities’ offices, interactive touch-screen kiosks satisfy digital inclusion needs by providing basic services such as information, subscribing to services, printing certificates, handing in documents, or making payments. They provide users with open and continuous access to local services, thus providing them more independence in their undertakings. This also helps agents dedicate more time to more complex tasks and to directly assisting citizens. The interactive kiosks provide a solution to assist “digitally excluded” people and to help them get used to these tools, thus increasing their confidence in using digital services.

IPM France assists you in defining and developing your project by deploying a fleet of turnkey interactive kiosks to satisfy your patrons’ needs and help solve their issues. IPM France guides you throughout the lifecycle of your fleet, supervising, maintaining and providing access to technical data and various kiosk functions.

borne de pointage sigec

kiosk

Give citizens more independence by using sign-in and personal identification kiosks.

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Borne de gestion de files d'attente minut pass

Waiting queue management kiosk

Optimise waiting queues to increase customer service quality.

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