Self-ordering kiosk

Sofibrie Group

Humanising exchanges between customers and sales advisers using video-conferencing kiosks

Self-ordering kiosk sofibrie
Instant remote human service using interactive kiosks


The Sofibrie automotive group has chosen IPM France to install its interactive order kiosks. IPM France developed these interactive video-conferencing kiosks with Adista a hosted services operator specialised in digital transformation and video-conferencing.

Sofibrie has decided to roll out touch screen kiosks to humanise the spare part ordering process for its customers. In fact, using the interactive kiosks, customers can video-conference with warehouse staff remotely, and get the advice and reassurance to complete their purchases.

In order to maintain customer/warehouse staff proximity during the sales process, in addition to video-conferencing, the interactive kiosks make it possible to share documents, make payments, manage carts, make upsell or crossell product suggestions to increase sales, and manage queues.


  • Instant user relationship
  • Human contacts are kept
  • Document Sharing
  • Attractive and innovative service