Patient reception kiosk

Mutualité Sociale Agricole

Improving reception and automating simple services

Patient reception kiosk MSA
Automating simple services for members


As part of its innovative reception policy, the MSA has decided to make interactive kiosks available to its members in their branches.

Genuine self-service virtual counters, these touch screen kiosks give members access to information and avoid waiting times at the reception desk.

50 touch screen kiosks installed in MSA branches throughout France, provide access to personal account information and can be used to update social security cards. They are fitted with a social security card reader, an A4 printer, and headphones to guarantee the confidentiality of voice services.

Using the kiosks, members have quick and easy access to many services and they can complete their formalities on their own:

  • Personal file management
  • Calculation simulation
  • Management of their services
  • Updating their social security card
  • Access to the MSA website
  • Printing information.


These kiosks are available for extended hours and are adapted for the disabled.

  • Simple and quick
  • User autonomy
  • Automation of simple services