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Self’Pay, cash-payment kiosks at the ecosystem’s core

Automated or connected to point-of-sale software!
Discover Self’Pay, the cash-payment kiosk at the ecosystem's core!


The Self’Pay cash-payment kiosk automates cash management and payment. It allows customers to pay quickly, easily and autonomously. Its home screen shows the amount to pay, customers insert notes and coins into the machine, then the kiosk instantly returns their change. 

Self'Pay is also available in “autonomous” or “connected” modes, as needed: 

  • Autonomous mode allows for using the Self'Pay through a dedicated tablet app, without any point-of-sale connection. 
  • Connected mode directly connects the Self'Pay to the merchant's register through point-of-sale software. Self'Pay is compatible with over 120 point-of-sale software solutions through its interface connector. 


The cash-payment kiosk is supervised by a hypervision tool called Dashkiosk , designed by IPM France to provide merchants with transaction, technical and maintenance data. This information is readily accessible through a dedicated and secure website.


How the Self'Pay ecosystem works at a glance!

Schéma ecosysteme Self'Pay - EN

Get in touch with us for more information about Self'Pay!
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