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Exclusive: New card distribution kiosk made by IPM France

The EK 5000 touch kiosk is fully customisable and modular!
100% compact, modular and customisable!

IPM France is innovating and expanding its line with a new card distribution kiosk: the EK 5000 kiosk.

This interactive kiosk has the specificity of being able to be installed in any point of sale. Indeed, this card dispensing touch kiosk is the most compact on the market!

The EK 5000 kiosk is fully modular, which allows it to adapt to different point of sale configurations: it can be installed on a stand (free standing), on a table, fixed to a wall or back to back with another kiosk.

Furthermore, the colours, graphics and materials of this new card dispensing kiosk are fully customisable. The kiosk facade and frame, the upper luminous POS and the floor mat can thus meet a rigorously defined graphic charter.

The new IPM France touch kiosk: the EK 5000 kiosk

This new touch kiosk with a sleek design offers users many services.

In just a few clicks it makes it possible to buy, re-charge and dispense cards and tickets. Equipped with a video-conferencing kit and a scanner, this kiosk allows remote contact with an adviser and the authentication of identity documents (passport and identity card). Finally, thanks to the secure payment terminal directly built into the kiosk, users can pay for their purchases directly.

This EK 5000 touch kiosk has been designed to cater to all types of user, meaning that all its peripherals can be used by the disabled.

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