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IPM France shares its expertise at the 2019 EBG General Assembly

The touch kiosk customer experience expert leads a workshop at the EBG annual meeting!
2019 EBG General Meeting

Every year the leading Digital Innovation club EBG, organises its general Meeting.
On this occasion, the EBG invites its members and confronts them with innovations in the digital sector and the new business models that they create. Every year, this General Assembly brings together over 660 companies and 110,000 digital professionals!


IPM France presents its workshop at the EBG General meeting!

 This year, the EBG General meeting will take place on Thursday, June 27, at the Centquatre in Paris.

On this occasion, IPM France is leading a workshop around the "Self-service and phygital: 5 essential keys to succeeding the customer experience” theme. The touch kiosk customer experience expert will share the key success factors for a phygital customer experience based on self-service so that it is profitable and effective. 


AG EBG-IPM France-parcours client-self-service-phygital


Furthermore, during the day, IPM France will present its interactive card distribution kiosk that can be used to recharge or issue cards or tickets. Using its payment terminal built into the kiosk, users can pay autonomously.

Bornes interactives de distribution de cartes, tickets

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