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IPM France kiosks: success in the public sector

Jean-Louis Faraon, Public Sector Major Accounts Sales Engineer

The strong development of digital technologies allows public services to adapt to today's world, modernize and better meet the expectations of their users.

Administrations thus offer their services on the Internet, hence the name e-government.
Nevertheless, many users-customers still go to public service offices to obtain information, certificates, etc.... The interactive kiosks placed in these public locations are an effective solution to "greet" them and provide simple services.


Why do you think self-service kiosks are becoming increasingly common in public services?

“There are 3 specific reasons for this.
First of all, a sociological reason, users want more autonomy, more self-service and permanent access to services. The second reason is technological. New internet technology is essential in the daily life of users. These include the cloud, the high-speed networks and new web technologies. The last reason is economic. Users have to be provided with self-service facilities so that advisors can prioritize and have more time to study complex issues and favour personal meetings.”


What are the incentives for the public sector to continue the installation of kiosks?

“Users like new technology. There are many uses and applications for touch terminals in the public sector:

  • Informing travellers about their places of interest (tourism, museums, restaurants, etc.) in tourist offices.
  • Putting users and their advisers in contact via videoconferencing.
  • Improving the meeting and greeting of beneficiaries and automating simple services.
  • Facilitating the purchase of tickets / passes for public transport passengers.”
How is IPM growing?

IPM France works with partners, specialized software publishers, and relies on its EASYKIOSK solution to provide a complete fast, scalable and durable solution. Look at our partner terminals here.

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