Major public administrations

Touch-screen kiosk solutions for major public administrations

Give citizens the ability to independently taking charge of simple procedures thanks to touch-screen kiosks designed for use within major public administrations.

Interactive touch-screen kiosks that answer digitisation needs in the public service and administrative sectors

The digitisation of public services is here! The French government aims to digitise its citizens’ 250 most-used administrative procedures by 2022 through the implementation of the Public Action 2022 programme. “Building a digital State” is one of the four major priorities set out by the “2018-2022 Major Investment Plan.” Citizens have great expectations for service digitisation. This process has been in the works for many years through the digitisation of services and the implementation of interactive kiosks within certain agencies, and it is continuing apace to provide solutions for issues of digital inclusiveness and the simplification of public service access. New digital administrative paths between administrations have also become an increasingly significant preoccupation for today’s citizens. As a result, the proliferation of digital channels, particularly thanks to interactive kiosks, has changed the everyday experience of service users and has brought along many expected advantages, including simplified procedures, ease of access and quickness of implementation.

Public services are governed by three fundamental principles: continuity (the need to satisfy the general interest by guaranteeing uninterrupted public services); equality (everyone has an equal right to service access and must be treated the same way as any other service user); adaptability (faced with societal evolution, public services must respond to citizens’ needs and must adapt to technical and technological changes).

Touch-screen kiosks provide an immediate response to the need for profound and sustainable digital transformations throughout the country. They provide beneficial solutions for these three major public service principles by improving access to information and services, and by making them accessible to everyone, everywhere, all the time; by automating services; and offering better support to service users faced with complex situations by freeing up agents to help them.

Modern interactive kiosks offer a varied and complementary range of services to patrons in addition to other tools currently in use, such as smartphones, tablets and personal computers. They provide streamlined and convenient access to administrative services. The applications and equipment offered by the kiosks can provide numerous services: account access, printing certificates, paying bills, managing waiting queuesvideo conference advising, etc.

Their implementation within a given agency or public reception area allows users to be autonomous in their procedures and easily carry out simple tasks. When installed in partner sites, they provide access to public services that no longer have local physical agencies or officials. As such, administrative touch-screen kiosks give service users the ability to have more contact with public services and provide increased citizen fulfilment.

IPM France assists you in defining and developing your project by installing and commissioning a fleet of turnkey interactive kiosks to satisfy user needs and help solve their issues. IPM France guides you throughout the lifecycle of your fleet, supervising, maintaining and providing access to technical data and various kiosk functions.


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Streamline public reception services thanks to user-oriented interactive kiosks.

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Providing users with bespoke services thanks to video conference kiosks.

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