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IPM FRANCE, the first business in the Drôme region of France to obtain the French Tech “Pass”!

IPM France is proud and honoured to announce it has obtained the French Tech Pass. Already a member of the French Tech network in the "French Tech in the Alps” metropolis, it has become the first “French Tech jewel” company in the Drôme region!

It is therefore the first company in the Drôme region to join this national support programme for hyper-growth businesses.

This label has been awarded to a selection of businesses since 2014. In France only between 50 and 90 businesses are awarded it every year.

It is awarded by a committee composed of: Minalogic, BPI, French Tech, Business France, Direccte, The Grenoble School of Management and the Grenoble IAE, the French Tech Pass is a national program to support hyper-growth companies in the Digital, Industry and Healthcare sectors all over France.

The committee has acknowledged IPM France’s quality, its industrial character, the competence of its management, the maturity of their thinking and the significant potential of its market.

Valid one year and then renewable, the French Tech Pass is deployed nationwide by the "French Tech Metropolises". French Tech Pass’s public partners (French Tech Mission, Bpifrance, Business France, INPI, DGE) offer unique, priority and accelerated premium services specific to these businesses. The French Tech Pass is available in French Tech Metropolises and locally through 14 regional operators. These players participate in the development and growth of businesses, to allow this community of premium businesses to shine throughout the world.

This service offer has five levers: financing, international, innovation, business development and visibility.

Thus, thanks to the French Tech Pass, IPM France will benefit from privileged support in the fields in which it wishes to improve and grow: innovation, industrial property, visibility and international growth. Indeed, in order to offer innovative and high quality interactive kiosk solutions to its clients, IPM France must constantly innovate on its target markets in France and elsewhere.

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