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Interactive telecom kiosks: discover our latest innovative solutions

SIM & eSIM card distribution, KYC, trade-in service
Discover our latest innovative solutions dedicated to telecom operators !

Multiply and diversify your sales channels, offer 24/7 access to your services, empower and optimise the purchasing process, streamline your queues, increase the visibility of your brand... Our made-in-France interactive solutions are the answer to all these challenges. Discover our latest innovative solutions!


KYC authentication, SIM and eSIM card distribution kiosk

In just a few clicks, select your package on the kiosk, log in, fill in your personal details and pay! Instantly, the kiosk delivers your SIM card or prints a QR code to activate your eSIM.

Discover the solution in video

Coupled with our partner Daon's innovative solution, this kiosk enables users to be authenticated in 2 quick and simple steps: scanning their ID and taking a photo. This KYC process guarantees that the user who buys the SIM card on the kiosk is actually the one in possession of the ID presented!

Borne TelefonicaFind out more about our KYC and SIM card distribution solution


Trade-in service kiosk

Panda's trade-in service kiosk is the easiest and safest way for customers to sell their device and receive a voucher for its value! How does this service work ?

  • User places his phone in the Flex kiosk.
  • The Flex kiosk performs a series of tests to assess the general condition of the phone (condition of the screen, front panel, back panel, etc.).
  • The Flex kiosk provides an indicative estimate of the mobile's price.
  • User scans a QR code displayed on the Flex screen to launch automated tests via the Pandas web application (sound, cameras, sensors...).


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