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Reception solutions

Touch and multi-service welcome kiosks

The touch kiosk to simplify user reception!

ipm france - bornes agence cpam
An autonomous and quick service for users

The 1,100 CPAM (Primary Health Insurance Fund) branch offices facilitate the public’s reception thanks to the interactive kiosks dedicated to the users. They are able to provide assistance for simple and achievable requests in an autonomous manner: information consultations, account consultations, registrations, printing of certificates, etc.

They help manage the flow of users, improve traffic flow within the branche offices and reduce the wait at the counters.

Agents are therefore freed from simple, repetitive tasks and have greater availability to handle more complex cases.

The service, which is easy to use and ergonomic, is therefore accessible to all. In order to meet the needs of its users, the kiosks are equipped with a social security card reader and an A4 printer.

Some figures :

  • 1,100 kiosks installed in 100 branch offices
  • 75,000 uses per day
  • 60,000 pages printed per day
  • 25 printer paper reloads per day
  • Easy to use and fast
  • Used in an autonomous manner
  • Repetitive tasks are automated
  • Staff working time is optimised