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Softkiosk baseware

Software developed by IPM France and dedicated to the success of your touchscreen kiosks!

Development of applications, roll-out and streamlined supervision of your kiosks

"Softkiosk", the dedicated baseware for kiosks, made by IPM France


IPM France has developed the "SoftKiosk" baseware dedicated to its interactive kiosks.

It not only allows for production of the kiosk but also streamlined integration of the application, its operation and security. Once the kiosk is installed in situ, it allows for complete supervision, of the application, its coordination and remote interventions.

There are a host of advantages:

For your development team

  • A robust and effective solution to host your application
  • Time saving in application development
  • Transparency in the event of a change in peripheral devices
  • Streamlined local hosting, in whole or in part, of your application (performance optimisation, bandwidth optimisation, architecture streamlining)
  • "Effortless" security of the kiosk and professional application


For your operating team

  • Streamlined remote update
  • A local parametrisation interface for each kiosk
  • Technical and application supervision counters for real-time reporting of operation


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